About Missxoxnastasha: Her T-shirt said "Bad girl" and her eyes said "Read the T-shirt" Rp account. I'll be ignoring anyone that doesn't open with rp. I'll also be ignoring anyone with less rp skills than a spoon.... you know who you are. I'm not here to chat so don't bother. *footnote: the phrase open with rp means OPEN WITH RP, not say hi and attempt to chat with me. I have a glare and I'm not afraid to use it* rp Name: Nastasha Violetta Debusher Nickname: Debby Age: 16 Occupation: Student/ Apprentice wood-crafter/ Thief. Brother: masterofspin. Sister: seraphimya. Hair: shoulder length, pure white (though she dies it hazel) Eyes: Pure white (She wears coloured contacts every day) Abilities: She seems to read every move you make and memorise it, calculating counters and weaknesses immediately. She also seems to regain energy from an unknown source. (If you watch her you might spot what that source is.) Weaknesses: Lack of sunlight. Her inability to swim. Magnetism. She's also a sucker for romantics, making her easy to manipulate and make vulnerable. Attire: Currently wearing a blue, long sleeved business shirt with no tie and a short black skirt. Her shoes are flat, black and laced. She also wears a large black guitar case on her back, containing her bass; the one thing she could never give up. The case also has a hidden pocket inside containing a rapier and a small dagger. Background: Currently in a feud with her parents, she's decided to run away and live on her own. She makes what little money she has repairing old instruments and restoring them. Noone is quite sure what race she belongs to, they just accept that she isn't dangerous and let her live in peace.